WGL Attorneys Secure Dismissal of Claims Against Municipal Sewer Agency

West Group Law PLLC (“WGL”) recently represented a municipal sewer agency in a declaratory judgement action seeking to overturn the imposition of sewer impact fees on several residential construction projects that required changes of the zoning designations from single family to multi-family. The complaint cited projects that ranged from several months to several years old. WGL Partner Steven “Tip” Torres and Senior Counsel Lee Apotheker filed a Pre-Answer Motion to Dismiss based on the theory that the Plaintiffs’ lawsuit should have been filed as a challenge to an administrative determination and that the Plaintiffs’ claims were time-barred under the relevant statute of limitations. The Court agreed with WGL’s theory and dismissed the suit in its entirety.

Members of the firm have represented municipalities and other public entities for more than 25 years in connection with water and wastewater matters, litigation, civic projects, municipal buildings, environmental and regulatory matters, solid waste issues, transportation, structuring requests for proposals (RFPs), contract negotiations, alternative project delivery methods, land use development, and construction law, among other matters.