Managing Partner Teno West Presented at International Solid Waste Association World Congress in Bilbao, Spain

The presentation focused on sustainable solid waste management practices of one of the United States’ leading solid waste authorities – the Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority, which manages solid waste issues for approximately 325,000 residents in Rockland County, New York, which is located just north of New York City. The Authority, through the operation of 10 facilities, has developed an integrated sustainable waste management approach to address the County’s solid waste management needs, including segregating waste streams for processing into marketable commodities, such as recyclables, concrete aggregate, recycled asphalt, mulch, leaf compost and biosolids compost; utilizing concrete and sludge product; nimbly absorbing the impact of China’s recent recycling import ban; and developing and enforcing a flow control law to ensure the Authority ability to manage solid waste for the County on a long-term basis.