COVID-19-Related Construction Claims

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the suspension of both public and private construction in many states, or at the very least has limited projected activities in a significant way. Public owners can expect to see various types of delay claims, remobilization issues, and demands for economic and schedule relief. Construction delay claims and the potential outside costs are complex matters even in normal circumstances, but overlaying a pandemic and inter-related federal and state relief statutes raises the bar. In addition, because so much of the policy and regulatory response is at the local level (with local departments of health, for example), state and municipal governments act in both a regulatory and proprietary role, further testing the rights and obligations in standard construction agreements. WGL’s construction and litigation practice attorneys have decades of experience in addressing even the most complicated construction claims, and are already assisting clients with first of the their kind challenges in the contract operations and construction arenas.

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