Partner Steven Torres to Present at 2020 IMLA 85TH Annual Conference (via Zoom) on September 30th at 2:30 pm

The 3P’s for Successful P3’s in Municipal Sustainability: Procurement, Partnership & Performance

As state after state continue to plow into the virtual horizon of municipal sustainability programs and climate response, existing infrastructure norms are being challenged and traditional methods of doing business don’t work. Most municipal sustainability programs, including renewable energy partnerships, advancements in technical solutions for existing water, wastewater and solid waste infrastructure require non-traditional procurement and contracting, best value selection, life-cycle analysis, complex risk and revenue formula and dynamic and integrated performance based design, construction and operations contracts. This program will help keep municipal practitioners “ahead of the curve” as we turn the corner to sustainable municipal infrastructure, green energy and storage, advanced technology solutions for the “circular economy” capturing and reclaiming water, waste and other valuable municipal resources. From a survey of climate change and sustainability statutes affecting municipal business at the federal and state level to structuring municipal procurements and contracts that take advantage of and successfully implement these new opportunities at the local level, this program will get you as counsel ready to effectively represent the municipality in complex transactions with experienced companies that think globally but partner locally.